Shoes/Leather Test Machines

UP-4030 Footwear Water Penetration Flexing Tester

UP-4030 Footwear Water Penetration Flexing Tester(图1)

Product introduction: 

Footwear Water Penetration Flexing Tester can be used to test the dynamic waterproof performance of different kinds of finished shoes.

Key Feature:

1.PLC touch screen, easy to operate.

2.Equip with two test positions, separately record test conditions.

3.E-stop switch, to avoid any emergency.



Install finished shoes on test device, and fill the tank with a certain deep of water to touch with shoes. It pushforward the forefoot bending by certain angle and frequency by simulating people walking in water with shoes, to test bending times required for water penetrate from shoes outside to inside or determine the penetration situation after certain bending times.


It can test a pair of shoes simultaneously and equip with one total setting counter(control total test times), and two separated small counters(display separately bending times of single sample). If water penetrate into shoes, small counter stops and records the bending times when it stops. Sensing Method is that determine whether water infiltrate into shoes by electronically sensing.

Apparatus Function:



Test sample

2pcs (Respectively sensing)

Bending angle

0~50° adjustable

Test speed

0~150cpm adjustable


PLC touch screen, 0~999,999 


220V  50/60HZ  3A

Dimension (W×D×H)






ISO20344- 2011 section 5.15.2