Shoes/Leather Test Machines

UP-4026 Shoelaces Rub Tester

UP-4026 Shoelaces Rub Tester(图1)UP-4026 Shoelaces Rub Tester(图2)

UP-4026 Shoelaces Rub Tester


This tester is used to test the abrasion resistance for shoelace of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber or other materials.


Take two shoelace, mutually hook in the middle. Clamp the both ends of the shoelace at the movable fixture of shoelace rubbing tester, which can make reciprocating linear motion; clamp one end of the other shoelace on the corresponding fied fixture and another end of the shoelace round by a fixed pulley and hanging the a weight. Make the two shoelace abrasion each other by reciprocating linear motion. Then check the wear resistance, when the machine run up to pre-set times, the machine stop.



Test   position

4 groups


Touch-screen control, 0~999,999

Min. Separation between movable and fixed   fixtures

280 ±50 mm

Movable fixture stroke

35± 2 mm

Test speed

60 ± 6 cyles/min

Profile board

Angle 52.5degree; Length120 mm

Stainless metal strip

W: 25mm, L: 250mm


250 ± 3g

Power supply

220V 50/60HZ

Dimensions ( L x W x H )

66 x 58 x 42cm


50 kg


DIN 4843  

SATRA TM 154  

ISO 22774   

QB/T 2226   

GB/T 3903.36