Shoes/Leather Test Machines

UP-4020 Shoes Dynamic Waterproofness Test Machine

UP-4020 Shoes Dynamic Waterproofness Test Machine(图1)

Shoes Dynamic Waterproofness Test Machine


Shoes Dynamic Waterproof Flexing Tester (in water) is used to simulate the environment that the shoes is bended by people walking with water, from that to test water-resistance of finished-shoes when the shoes is bending. the finished shoes installed on the testing machine and make it bend. the counter on the panel will immediately stop counting when the water to seep inside of shoe,, and shows that the number of bend. Testing methods are divided into regularly flooded bending or bending in water. Namely is a static test or dynamic test, static test is the impregnation, the dynamic test simulate the exercise of walking or running to test its waterproof function, it can automatically shut down as sensing shoes inside flooding, or reach the set number.


Meet the Standard:




PLC touch screen


2 sets

Test speed

60±5 cpm

Test angle

45±1 degree

Shoe tree

 stainless steel shoe tree 36-43 code adjustable



: 6 digital