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UP-4014 Infrared Scanning Vertical Leather Measuring Machine

UP-4014 Infrared Scanning Vertical Leather Measuring Machine(图1)UP-4014 Infrared Scanning Vertical Leather Measuring Machine(图2)

Infrared Scanning Vertical Leather Measuring Machine

various industrial environments. The LCD dual-screen display is a Japanese high-brightness LCD display with a full Chinese working interface, beautiful and durable. Leather measuring machine with numerical control on the leather for automatic marking on the leather, the hot stamping position can be set arbitrarily, and the computer can automatically track it. Infrared photoelectric scanning Original infrared luminous / receiving high-frequency scanning technology, not affected by external light, completely replace visible light. The fully sealed sensor adopts imported components with high precision and long life, and can accurately measure all kinds of leather and second-layer leather. Self-classification and statistics The measured data are classified and printed by themselves. A variety of Chinese and English printing formats are available.             1. Frame part: The whole machine adopts steel plate bending forming and stamping forming.             2.Electrical parts: integrated motor, speed regulation (inverter speed regulation according to customer requirements).             3.Electronic part: 32-bit industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer, industrial-grade VGA 14-inch color LCD display and 192X64 liquid crystal display / digital tube synchronous display, 104 standard keyboard, 128/256 electric eyes display current working status

Technical Support and After-Sales Service

① Automatic data retention during power failure

② Automatic calendar clock

③ Main oscillator synchronous working mode

④ Data correction delete zero zoom

⑤The stamping time is optional

⑥ Full package and full box automatic printing, multiple code sheet format copy

7 Inmi City Imperial (0.1 / 0.25 mantissa) optional.

⑧ coefficient automatic correction

⑨Package number can be set

 ⑩Intelligent self-diagnosis, complete system static self-test and dynamic real-time tracking and monitoring, system maintenance is intuitive and simple. Complete maintenance system with ultra-low failure rate, complete service network, convenient and fast. Various specifications of horizontal / vertical / composite / fur / blue wet leather / original leather measuring machine (1600-3200mm).


Calibration range:

stepless calibration

Measurement accuracy:

error 0.1%

Motor power:

not more than 1 kW

Working system:

square meters, square feet, square feet (decimal and quaternary)

Code list printing:

Chinese and English printing, half pack, whole pack and general order   can be printed at any time

Editing function:

You can edit the name, color, grade, factory name, phone, etc. of the   leather by yourself

Printer configuration:

using thermal printer, clear writing without breakpoints, cheap   supplies, easy to buy

Display configuration:

using industrial LCD display, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable   performance

Features of Vertical Leather Measuring Machine:

1.Working width: 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800 3000 3200mm 2.Working speed: 20 / 35m / min 3.Motor power: 0.55 / 0.75kw 4, measurement accuracy: the same standard board under the condition of 10 consecutive accumulations ± 1% 5.Correction range: stepless correction 6.Printer: high-speed printer 7.Print format: Chinese / English 8, leather back printing code: user set has decimal / quaternary / no printing, 9.Editing function: user set factory name, phone number, grade, leather name 10.Standard selection: square feet / square shi / square meters. 11. Display: adopt 12 inch LCD monitor 12. Motor configuration: use integrated motor, no noise, save the trouble of changing belts and refueling 13. Memory function: Don't worry about data loss caused by sudden power failure at work 14. Synchronization function: The skin area measurement is inaccurate due to the unstable voltage of the customer's factory.