Rubber/Plastic Test Machines

UP-5014Tap Density Meter

UP-5014Tap Density Meter(图1)UP-5014Tap Density Meter(图2)UP-5014Tap Density Meter(图3)



This density tester is   based on GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993(tap density measuring of metal powder).

For non-metallic   powder,This instrument extended seveal functions.such as"vibration
  amplitude" from 3m standard extended to 1mm-15mm;"vibration   frequency"from 100-300 times per

minute extended to   0-300 times per minute."vibration times"from 3000 times standard   extended to 0-99999
  times.All of them can be setup freely.
  Powder density tester consist of adjustable-speed motor,vibration   assembly,micro-computer and micro

printer.,etc.It has   the feature of compact structure,stable,and easy operation.,etc.


GB/T5162-2006/ISO3953:1993(tap   density measuring of metal powder)


1 Precision:   Automatically keep five significant figures, accurate to four decimal places.

2 Intelligent judge:   this equipment can be smart judge when entering the required information.

Decimal point is   automatically shielded

when inputting tap   number and during which period the vibration is halted. The results show the   actual

number of vibrations,   the experiment is authentic.

3 Easy operation: No   need to adjust to an integer.


Weight of testing   object:<=500.00g

Volume of testing   object:<=250.00ml(standard accessory including 25ml,50ml,100ml,250ml   measuring


Single vibration   times:<=0-99999 times(the result will come out as bulk density when input   zero times)

Allowable motor   force:0.86 N.m.

Vibration   frequency:maximum 300 round per minute(0-300 round per minute is   adjustable,USA

pharmacopeia standard   is 300 round per mintute)

Vibration   amplitude:maximum 15mm(1mm-15mm is adjustable,International standard is mm)

Repeatability   error:<=1%

Accuracy error:<=1%