Rubber/Plastic Test Machines

UP-5011 Notch Test Sample Making Machine

UP-5011 Notch Test Sample Making Machine(图1)UP-5011 Notch Test Sample Making Machine(图2)UP-5011 Notch Test Sample Making Machine(图3)

Notch Test Sample Making Machine

Instrument functions:

The electric notch sample making machine is used for the cantilever beam and simply supported beam impact tester to make non-metallic material impact toughness test specimens. It can clamp 20 samples at a time and process more than 100 notches every 10 minutes. The notch produced is accurate in size and high in efficiency, which greatly reduces the operating intensity.The instrument has a high degree of automation and high sample preparation efficiency; complete protection devices, convenient installation and use, beautiful appearance, and humanized design concept.

Implementation standards:
Meet the requirements of ISO179-2000, ISO180-2001 and GB / T1043-2008, GB / T1843-2008 standards.

Machine configuration:
1) Host 1piece
2) One centered sample block 1piece

Alloy steel imported tools:
The imported alloy steel cutting tools are made of special alloy materials and are made in Europe. They are specially used for the electric notch prototype machine, which can be used to produce standard sample notches for cantilever and simple support beam impact tests.
The hardness is greater than HRC60, the surface roughness value is less than Ra0.4, the cutting edge angle is 30 ± 0.1 °, it can be repeatedly ground, and the life is long.
A-type cutter: the notch size of the prepared sample is 45 ° ± 0.2 ° r = 0.25 ± 0.05
B-type cutter: the notch size of the prepared sample is 45 ° ± 0.2 ° r = 1.0 ± 0.05(Optional)
C-type cutter: the notch size of the prepared sample is 45 ° ± 0.2 ° r = 0.1 ± 0.02(Optional)

Worktable stroke

>   90mm

Feed   speed

30mm /   min

Sampling efficiency

more   than 100 / 10min


0-2.5mm   optional

Feed   stroke


Type of   notch produced

customized   according to tool specifications

External   dimensions

450mm in   length × 390mm in width × 360mm in heightAC220V ± 10% 50HZ

Power   supply voltage

220V,   single-phase three-wire system


Technical Parameters: