Rubber/Plastic Test Machines

UP-5009 Rubber Rheometer Mooney Viscometer

UP-5009 Rubber Rheometer Mooney Viscometer(图1)

Rubber Rheometer Mooney Viscometer

Standards: ASTM-D2084,ASTM-D5289,ISO-6502, ASTM-D1646


Technical parameter:

Control   temperature range

Normal   temperature~200

Temperature   display resolution

0.01(0.1 common type of imported temperature controller   temperature)

Temperature   control accuracy


Calibration   accuracy

Mooney value   ±0.5

Rotor   speed

2   rotation/ min ±0.02rotation/ min

Torque   range

Mooney value   0~200

Torque   resolution

 Mooney value   0.1

Print   content

Date,   time, temperature, Mooney scorch curve and MV,T5,T35,T3,T18,@15,@30


50HZ, ~220V±10%



Rubber rotor rheometer Measurement of vulcanization characteristics, 

requirements, ISO6502 requirements and Italian standards require T10, T30, T50, T60, T90 data.



1.the strong data function can support the drawing,storage

 and output printing of multiple curves under the same interface. support the data query in many forms and output of excel queries and reports has many analysis function like statics, deviation setting,standards curve

setting ,and CPK statistical calculation has such function as interface query,local zoom and curve comparison.

 5.selection of any any vulcanization time,range selection and screen capture.

 6.analyzed the past test data once again,and increase or modify the reports,to

 avoid the loss of data.

 7.the test data are stored in the way of database,which is scientist

 the multiple data sequencing ways are convince for data retrieval and query.

 8.the machine will get the characteristic curve and data by measuring

 the strength of rubber.

 9.good reproducible and stasis tics.


Test Results

Measure of Mooney viscosity (Large rotor):

MI -- initial Mooney viscosity.

ML – The minimum Mooney value in the last 30 seconds before the motor stopped.

Mx-t - Mooney value relating to time t.

           x-the time of preheat, t-Mooney test time

Stress Relaxation

MRe - Mooney value at the end of stress relaxation.

TRx - time needed for x% torque stress relaxation.

Xy% - % of  Viscosity decay after motor stopped y sec.

The value of exponent a,  the constant k,  the correlation coefficient r, and the  area A .

Graph ( with Viscosity-Time curve and Test temperature curve)

Mooney viscosity graph; Relaxation graph; log Mooney units Versus Log time graph.


Scorch Data testing sample results:

   -Scorch time curve

   -Temperature curve

   -Curve index ( Input small  or  Large Rotor test

MI - initial Mooney viscosity

ML - Minimum Mooney viscosit

MF - Maximum Mooney viscosity in the end of the test

Mx-t - Mooney value relating to time t.

x-the time of preheat, t-Mooney test time

M5/M3 - ML+5/3 Mooney

M35/M18 - ML+35/18 Mooney

t5/t3 - Mooney burning time, M5/M3 corresponding time, Unit: min.

t35/t18 - Mooney vulcanizing time, ML+35/18 corresponding time, unit: min. 


Standard Configure of MV-C3 Mooney Viscometer :

1    Machine Complete    1   Unit

2    O-ring                        50   piece

3    Software operate       1 Unit

4    Large Rotor                1 Unit

5    Small  Rotor               1 Unit

6    Warranty                      1 Year(in China or free parts providing for out of Country)

7    Manual operator        1 Unit