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UP-5008 No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer

UP-5008 No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer(图1)UP-5008 No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer(图2)UP-5008 No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer(图3)UP-5008 No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer(图4)

No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer

Meet standard:

Testing standardization:GB/T16584, ISO6502:1991 and ASTMD5289-95


Applicable Industry:

It is the most important testing instrument for national research and development of new products, research on rubber compound formula, control rubber material quality and rubber basic research application. Widely used in all walks of life in rubber products.


Technical Parameters:

Temperature   range


Minimum   temperature display


Temperature   fluctuation range


Heating   rate

About 15/min

Torque   range


Torque   minimum reading


Swing   angle

±0.5°/ ±1°/ ±3°(optional)

Swing   speed


Torque   accuracy


Temperature   display resolution


Temperature   recovery time

<   1.5min

Temperature   unit

C   (degrees Celsius), F (Fahrenheit), K (Kelvin)

Acquisition   rate


Software   language

English,   Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

Calculation   parameters


Software   connection



1 phase   220V±15V 50HZ

Torque   unit




Based   box: 56*58*51   Main machine:62*52*128  

Computer   cabinet:56*56*130

Printing   contents

date,   time, temperature, vulcanization curve, temperature curve, ML, MH, ts1, ts2,   t10, t50 ,t90, Vc1, Vc2

Air   pressure

0.5Mpa--------0.65MPa      (User need to prepare an air tube with an outer   diameter of 8mm)



Moving die rheometer is the most widely used instrument for rubber quality control, rapid inspection and rubber basic research in rubber processing industry. It provides accurate data for rubber optimum formula combination, which can accurately measure scorch time and positive vulcanization. Instrument time, vulcanization index and maximum and minimum torque parameters.


Main Feature:

1. It adopts the latest version of the most advanced software in China, featuring fast heating (within 3 minutes) and high temperature control accuracy.

2. It adopts the alpha closed cavity structure and is in the international leading position.

3. Advanced alpha-based force sensor technology:(sensor accuracy:0.001N.m)

4. The advanced alpha-closed cavity structure is used to seal the rotating cavity and the fixed cavity through the inlet sealing ring, and the structure of the closed cavity and the general open cavity is completely different, and its precision and requirements are advanced. Sex is incomparable. The closed cavity is completely consistent in repeatability and is in an international leading position.


Working principle:

The rubber sample is placed in a nearly completely closed cavity and maintained at the test temperature. The cavity has two upper and lower parts, wherein the lower part reciprocates with a slight linear motion (oscillation), and the sample is sheared by oscillation. The reaction torque (force) of the sample to the cavity is determined, and the magnitude of the torque (force) depends on the shear modulus of the rubber. 


After the start of the vulcanization test, the shear modulus of the sample increases, and the computer displays and records the torque (force) in real time. When the torque (force) rises to a stable value or a maximum value or even returns to the state, a torque is obtained. The relationship between force and time, that is, the vulcanization curve , the shape of the curve is related to the temperature of the test and the characteristics of the compound.

No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer


No Rotor Rubber Moving Die Rheometer