Rubber/Plastic Test Machines

UP-5007 Limited Oxygen Index Device LOI Device

UP-5007 Limited Oxygen Index Device LOI Device(图1)UP-5007 Limited Oxygen Index Device LOI Device(图2)

Limited Oxygen Index Device LOI Device

Equipment description:

Requirements for the assessment of polymer in the combustion performance test conditions, that determine the

 polymer just to maintain the minimum combustion volume percentage of oxygen concentration. For plastic, 

rubber, fiber, foam, film, and film and other materials, determination of combustion performance. Microcomputer

 control, LCD display, data print, easy to operate, elegant appearance.


To meet the standard:

Executive GB/T2406-93 standards.


Digital Oxygen Index Tester,Oxygen Index Testing Equipment,Oxygen index detector

Chassis and part of the structure:

1. Control box: CNC machine tool processing molding, electrostatic spraying, beautiful, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.The control part is separately controlled from the test part

2. The combustion tube: high temperature resistant high quality quartz glass tube (inner d75 mm, 480 mm) long export inner diameter: phi 40 mm

3. Sample fixture: self-supporting fixture, and can hold the sample vertically;(optional non-self-supporting style frame), two sets of style clips meet different test requirements;Style clip plug type, style and style clip more simple

4. The end of a long pole igniter tube hole diameter D2 ± 1 mm, igniter flame length (5 -) 50 mm can be arbitrary adjustable


Technical parameter:



Digital Limiting Oxygen Index Tester /   Oxygen Index Testing Equipment 


Room temperature~40 degree centigrade

Relative humidity




The maximum power

0.5 KW

Gas source

Industrial nitrogen,oxygen purity>99%

Input pressure

0.25~0.5 Mpa

Working pressure

0.1~0.2 Mpa

Precision regulators

≤0.001 Mpa/min

Response time


Digital resolution



0.2 class


Annex 1 sets of random

Test Equipment dimensions

0.54 ×0.33×0.6 (L*W*H)m

Equipment use area

0.6 Square meters

Weight of test equipemnt

24  Kg