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UP-6023 ISO 2409 Automatic paint film grading instrument

UP-6023 ISO 2409 Automatic paint film grading instrument(图1)

ISO 2409 Automatic paint film grading instrument

Note: As an important method to evaluate the adhesion degree between coating and substrate, the scratching method has been widely used.Although the traditional manual scratching method is simple and convenient, the cutting speed of the operator and the cutting force of the coating can not be precisely controlled, so that there are some differences in the test results of different testers.The latest ISO 2409-2019 standard clearly states that for uniform cutting, the use of motor driven automatic scribblers is possible.

BGD 535 automatic paint film marking device is our company according to the latest ISO 2409 and GB/T 9286 standard design of an automatic marking equipment, compared with similar products in the market, it has the following advantages:

1 Adopt 7 inch industrial touch screen, can edit related cutting parameters, parameters display clear and intuitive

Cutting speed, cutting stroke, cutting spacing and cutting number (grid number) can be set.

Preset conventional cutting program, one key to complete the grid operation

Automatic compensating the load in the cutting process to ensure constant load and consistent cutting depth of the coating

Automatic clamping test sample, simple and convenient.

2 After the completion of a cutting direction, the working platform will automatically rotate 90 degree to avoid the artificial rotation of the cutting line can not be completely vertical crossover

Data storage and report output


Main technical parameters


Test   plate size

150mm×100mm×   (0.5 ~ 20) mm

Cutting   tool load setting range

1N ~ 50N

Cutting   stroke setting range

0mm ~   60mm

Cutting   speed setting range

5mm/s ~   45mm/s

Cutting   spacing setting range

0.5mm ~   5mm

Power   supply

220V   50HZ

Instrument   dimensions

535mm×330mm×335mm   (length × width × height)