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NDJ-5T 8T 9T LCD Touch Screen Rotary Viscometerviscosity meter Rotary viscosimeter

NDJ-5T 8T 9T LCD Touch Screen Rotary Viscometerviscosity meter Rotary viscosimeter(图1)NDJ-5T 8T 9T LCD Touch Screen Rotary Viscometerviscosity meter Rotary viscosimeter(图2)

NDJ-8T  LCD Touch Screen Rotary Viscometer/viscosity meter /Rotary viscosimeter

T series rotary viscosimeter perfect blend in touch screen technology, with a kind of fashion of modern high technology to measure the viscosity of rapid, accurate, convenient.Powerful, liquid crystal display (LCD) viscometer is far from before.


Self-built 30 groups of test program to help users to quickly and accurately obtain the viscosity and the related data of the sample.5 inches large color touch screen can be comprehensive, vividly show various parameters and working conditions.With measuring parameters, display more rich in content, operation is convenient, intuitive, high measurement precision, reading speed stability, strong anti-jamming ability, wide working voltage and other obvious advantages.Can completely replace similar imported equipment, leading the new trend of science and technology of domestic viscometer.



Main features:

I. the ARM technology, built-in Linux system.Simple operation interface, through the test program to create and data
Viscosity test analysis, quickly and easily;
II.  Viscosity measurement value accurately, each range with computer automatic calibration and high precision, small error;

III.   Shows rich content: in addition to viscosity, and temperature, shear rate, shear stress, the measured value of full range value percentage (graphics), the overflow alarm, automatic scanning, the rotor speed under the combination of maximum measuring range, date, time, etc.And in the case of the known density kinematic viscosity, greatly meet the measurement requirement of the user;
IV.  The function is all ready, but timing measurement, self-built 30 test program, access 30 group measurement data, the viscosity curve, print data and curve in real time, etc.;
V.  lead level, the level adjustment intuitive convenient;
VI.  Optional temperature probe, viscometer constant temperature bath, thermostatic cup, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil), etc.;
VII.  The operating system in English and Chinese. 


Widely used in the need to measure the viscosity of fluid and fluid under high temperature and melting.Include paint, coatings, cosmetics, printing ink, paper pulp, food, oil, latex, starch, solvent-based adhesives, biochemical products, etc.

Detailed technical parameters: 





Control/display   mode

5-inch   color touch screen




Measuring   rangemPa.s



 (Measuring   10 under low viscosity, equipped with 0 # rotor)


1, 2,   3, 4#( standard)

0#Rotor( Optional)

Measurement   error (Newtonian liquid)




Repetitive   error (Newtonian liquid)



±0. 5%

Timing   function


Temperature   measurement function

The   standard temperature sensor interface temperature sensor (selected)

Automatic   scanning function

Automatic   scanning and recommend the best combination of rotor and speed

According   to maximum measuring range

Combination   of rotor and speed automatically according to the selected viscosity range   can be measured

Should   show shear/shear rate


Automatic   display kinematic viscosity

Need to   input the density of the sample

Self-built   measurement program

Can save   up to 30 groups (including the rotor, rotational speed, temperature, time,   etc.)

Save the   measurement results

Can save   up to 30 sets of data (including viscosity, temperature, rotating speed of   rotor, and the shear rate, Shear stress, time, density, kinematic   viscosity, etc.)

Viscosity   curve

Real-time   display viscosity curve


Data,   curve can print (standard equipped with print interface, to choose and buy a   printer)

Data   output interface


Constant   temperature parts

Option   (viscometer constant temperature trough, thermostatic cup, etc.)

Working   power supply

Wide   working voltage (110 v / 60 hz or 220 v / 50 hz)

Overall   dimensions

300 × 300   × 450(mm)