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UP-3007 Glass Bottle Glass Jars Impact Tester

UP-3007 Glass Bottle  Glass Jars Impact Tester(图1)

Glass Bottle  Glass Jars Impact Tester

Product Description

 1. Introduction  

Glass bottle impact tester is used to measure the impact strength of various glass bottles, In accordance with the national standard GB6552-2015 Glass glass container mechanical impact test method requirements for testing methods, can complete the national standard specified by the passing and incremental tests.


2. Main Technical Parameter:

Main Technical Parameter:
1. Impact Energy Area
2. Resolution
0.05J(0-1.0J ), 0.1J(1.0-2.5J)
3. Measure Accuracy: ≤1.5%FS (Percentage of accuracy and full range)
4. Measuring Diameter
φ 20165mm
5. Impact Height Area
6. Swing bar deflection Angle range
7. Size
610mm×450mm×880mm Package Size )---
8. N.Weight
38KGS ( Gross Weight: 38KGS after package )