Abrasion Test Machines

UP-1004 Linear Scratch Abrasion Tester-1

UP-1004 Linear Scratch Abrasion Tester-1(图1)UP-1004 Linear Scratch Abrasion Tester-1(图2)

Linear Scratch Abrasion Tester


To evaluate the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance of products (single or multiple scratches) and the transitivity of color (Usually crocking resistance or rubbing fastness) and so on. And can do dry abrasion test, wet abrasion test.


The application object:

To test samples of any size and shape, for contour surface and polishing surface products of abrasion test is very ideal (such as: mouse and other computer or IT products plastic paint wear resistance test), general in plastics, auto parts, rubber, leather and textile, electroplating, free disassembly of components, paint, printing design, and other products.


Technical parameters:
1. 5 kinds movement distance optional
    Standard mobile distance 0.5¨, 1¨, 2¨, 3¨ and 4¨,can be customized special mobile distance

2. 2~75 times/min, adjustable speed

3. Can be set up test program

Can set back and forth times, maximum 999,999 times (note, that the grinding head rubber during this period may need to change)
4. Can choose load
 Standard load: 350g~2100g (standard configuration: 3 pieces 250g farmar)