Abrasion Test Machines

UP-1002 RCA Abrasion Resistance Tester

UP-1002 RCA Abrasion Resistance Tester(图1)UP-1002 RCA Abrasion Resistance Tester(图2)UP-1002 RCA Abrasion Resistance Tester(图3)


RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Test Equipment is a special test paper tape as friction medium, with fixed load ACTS on the friction, the friction head through fixed diameter of roller and the constant speed motor drive tape will force continued to surface of sample, until seeing the surface of the substrate or reach a certain degree of wear and tear, through counter displays the motor rotation number to evaluate the wear-resisting performance of the sample.


Meet standards:

This product conforms to the standard ASTM F 2357-04, wear-resisting performance tests, applicable to plastic, MP3, CD player, DVD player, laptop, PDA, electrical enclosure, etc. Has now become a variety of plastic plating product surface wear-resisting performance testing is the most widely used instrument.


Main technical parameters:


55g,   175g, 275g

Counter (adjustable)


Power   supply

220V,   5A


Electronic   products surface tester


Wrench,   paper roll






Standard Configuration

• A Surface meter

• A set of tools

• A Magnifier

• One each Test Load for 55g,175g

• A Pan-use Fixer

• Three O-Ring