Corrosion/Salt Spray Test Chamber

SO2 Corrosion Ageing Test Chamber

SO2 Corrosion Ageing Test Chamber(图1)SO2 Corrosion Ageing Test Chamber(图2)

Name:  SO2 Corrosion Ageing Test Chamber



It is suitable for conducting sulfur dioxide salt spray test or constant test on large electrical and electronic glass, and other products, parts and materials, and for quality and reliability testing of products, parts and materials under the conditions of simulated marine environment and natural changes.

Meet Standards:

ASTM G85 A4, GB 9789-88,GB/T2423.19-18 , GB/T10125-97, IEC60068-2-42/43, GB/T5170.8, GB10587-89,EN 50483 etc.

Product features:

(). The main functions of the salt spray part:

1:  Box material: The inner and outer boxes of this machine are made of imported high-temperature, high-humidity and high-corrosive grade A gray PVC (thickness 8mm), using advanced ring belt production three-dimensional reinforcement technology, welded, strong structure, Never deformed, gorgeous and generous, suitable for various test specifications such as salt water spray and copper acetate.

2:  Reagent supplement bottle: hidden one-piece reagent supplement bottle, easy to clean and easy to operate.

3:  Pressure-saturated barrel: Pressure barrel made of SUS316# stainless steel. The exterior is electrolytically treated, and the exquisite tank-shaped structure design is resistant to high temperature, high humidity, high pressure, and high corrosion. It has made progress in the design.

4:  Laboratory shelf: The imported A-grade gray PVC material is exquisitely designed into a "V"-shaped strip, and it is matched with an "O"-shaped strip with a carbon fiber length of 25mm to ensure that the product under test is 15°- The angle of 30° can be adjusted at will. The test sample rack adopts a plane indexing type, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. The fog on all sides is uniform, the fog is completely consistent, the test result is accurate, and the number of test samples is large.

5:  The upper cover of the test chamber: The 8mm thick high-toughness PVC (imported) board is designed to be a 100-degree ridged upper cover using the physical bending method. The mist and dewdrops remaining on the upper cover slide down to the sealing groove along the cover wall. To prevent dripping onto the product being tested, the cover is fully transparent to observe the window.  

6:  With corresponding advanced functions such as self-detection and self-detection, it is an excellent choice for you to get twice the result with half the effort. 

7:  Fully digital circuit design, accurate temperature control, high-quality imported electrical materials, reasonable wiring design, long service life, and complete testing functions.

8.  With automatic/manual water filling function, when the water level is insufficient, the water level can be automatically refilled without interrupting the test.

9:  With the memory function of power failure time, the test work of the remaining time can be continued according to the original timing after the call is received. It is equipped with double over-temperature protection and insufficient water level warning to ensure safe use.

10:  The mist seal groove uses an environmentally friendly water seal method to prevent mist from leaking out.   

11:  The spray tower adopts a conical diffuser, which has the functions of guiding the fog, adjusting the amount of fog and evenly falling.   

12:  The instrument adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, and buzzer sounds when it is over.

13:  Salt water spray test; NSS, ACSS.

Testing room: 35±1;Pressure air barrel: 47±1.

Corrosion resistance test: CASS.

Test room: 50±1; Pressure air barrel: 63±1.

14:  Spray method:

a.        Bernoulli principle sucks salt water and then atomizes, the atomization degree is uniform, there is no phenomenon of blocking crystallization, which can ensure continuous testing.

     b .  The nozzle is made of tempered glass, and the spray volume and spray angle can be adjusted. Precision crystal glass nozzle (PYREX) 10000 hours to ensure that there is no concern about crystal blockage. 

     c .  The spray volume is adjustable from 1 to 2ml/h (the ml/80cm2/h standard requires 16 hours of testing to find the average volume). The measuring cylinder adopts built-in installation, the appearance is beautiful and tidy, the operation and observation are convenient, and the installation space of the instrument is reduced.

15:  Safety protection: The heating tank of the pressure-saturated barrel of the laboratory adopts a liquid expansion safety temperature controller 0~120 (Italy EGO). It adopts automatic and manual water adding systems to automatically or manually replenish the water level of the pressure tank and the laboratory to prevent water shortage and ultra-high temperature damage to the instrument.

16:  Demister system: Clear the salt mist in the test chamber when shutting down to prevent corrosive gas from flowing out and damaging other precision instruments in the test chamber.

17:  Safety protection device:

    (1): When the water level is low, the power supply is automatically cut off, and the safety warning light device is displayed dynamically.

    (2): When the temperature is over, the heater power is automatically cut off, and the safety warning light device is displayed dynamically.

    (3): When the reagent (salt water) water level is low, the safety warning light device dynamically displays.

    (4): Leakage protection function to prevent personal injury and instrument failure caused by line leakage or short circuit.

18:  Working principle: The Bernoulli principle absorbs salt water and then atomizes. The degree of atomization is uniform, and there is no phenomenon of blocking crystallization. It can ensure continuous testing. The compressed air is wetted through the bubble tower on the way to the nozzle. The corrosive solution and air are atomized into corrosive mist, and the heater in the box maintains the temperature in the box.

(). The main functions of sulfur dioxide:

1.  Air desulfurization system:The air pressure is adjusted in two stages at 3Kg/cm2. One section is roughly adjusted to 3Kg/cm2, using imported air filters with drainage function. The second stage is a precision adjustment of 2Kg/cm2, a 1/4  pressure gauge, and the display is precise and accurate.


2.  Heating system: The direct heating method is adopted, the heating speed is fast and the standby time is reduced. When the temperature is reached, the constant temperature state is automatically switched, the temperature is accurate, and the power consumption is low. The heating tube made of pure titanium is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and has a long service life.

3.  Control system:

a:  Laboratory, LCD dual digital display temperature controller, with microcomputer automatic calculation function, control error ±1.0 (Hong Kong yudian). The circuit board is treated with moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, with high precision and long life.

b:  The heating tank of the laboratory adopts a liquid expansion safety temperature controller 0~120 (Italy EGO).

c:  Digital display time controller, with power failure memory function 0.1S~9999h (Japan omlon).

d:  Accumulated timer 0~99999.99h (Italian maging).

e:  Relay (Japan sanyou).

f:  Rocker switch with light, can work 25000 times continuously.

4.  Vulcanization method:Sulfur dioxide gas in a grade 9999 steel bottle is decompressed and added to the laboratory

5.  Gas measurement method: gas rotameter control measurement

6:  Desulfurization method: chemical treatment method is adopted, no pollution discharge after desulfurization treatment