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What are the precautions and test conditions for the use of the rain and waterproof test box

What are the precautions and test conditions for the use of the rain and waterproof test box

What are the precautions and test conditions for the use of the rain and waterproof test box UP-6197

Rain-drenching and waterproof test boxes are also widely used. They are often used for external lighting and signal devices and automobile lamp housing protection, such as smart homes, electronic products, packaging bags, etc., for tightness testing. It can realistically simulate various environments such as water and spray tests that electronic products and their components may be subjected to during transportation and use. In order to detect the waterproof performance of various products. So what matters should be paid attention to in the process of use? Let's take a look together~


1. Precautions for the use of the rainwaterproof test box:

1. Product placement: Place the shower nozzle according to the position of the rain shower according to the length of the experiment, so as to better achieve the experimental effect;

2. Water temperature: For example, the temperature in summer is relatively high. We can adjust the water temperature of the rain test chamber to reduce the possibility of condensed water generated by the tested sample. Generally, the test water temperature is 15~10;

3. Water pressure: Generally, the water used is tap water, so the water pressure is not easy to control. Our Qinzhuo Rain Waterproof Test Chamber is specially designed with a water stabilizing device to ensure the stability of the water pressure;

4. Water pump switch: When there is no water in the water tank of the equipment, never turn on the water pump, as this may cause damage to the machine;

5. Water quality problem: If the water quality in the filter element turns black, do not start the test;

6. Water quality requirements: do not use the characteristic liquid with impurities, high density, and easy volatilization for dripping test;

7. The sample is powered on: there are water traces at the power interface when the sample is powered on. At this time, pay attention to safety issues~

8. Fixing the equipment: After determining the location of the rainproof and waterproof test box, please fix the casters, because there will be pressure when flushing or spraying water during the test, and fixing it will prevent sliding.


2. What are the test conditions of the rain-drenched and waterproof test chamber:

1. Dripping rain test: It mainly simulates the dripping condition, which is suitable for equipment with rainproof measures but the exposed upper surface may have condensed water or leaking water;

2. Waterproof test: instead of simulating natural rainfall, it evaluates the waterproofness of the tested equipment, providing a higher confidence in the waterproofness of the equipment;

3. Rain test: mainly simulates the wind and rain in the process of natural rainfall. It is suitable for equipment that is used outdoors and does not have rain protection measures.


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