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9 tips for you to use the programmable high and low temperature test chamber saf

9 tips for you to use the programmable high and low temperature test chamber safely:


Programmable high and low-temperature test box is suitable for: high temperature and low-temperature reliability tests of industrial products. Under the condition of high temperature and low temperature (alternating), cyclical changes in the parts and materials of related products such as electronics and electricians, automobiles and motorcycles, aerospace, marine weapons, universities, scientific research institutions, the inspection of various performance indicators are mainly aimed at For electrical and electronic products, as well as their components and other materials in high temperature and low-temperature comprehensive environment transportation, adaptability test during use. Used in product design, improvement, appraisal, and inspection. Let's take a look at the nine points that need attention in the operation of the equipment.

1. Before turning on the power, please note that the machine must be grounded safely to avoid electrostatic induction;

2. During operation, please do not open the door unless necessary, otherwise, the following adverse consequences may be caused. It is very dangerous for the high-temperature airflow to rush out of the box; the inside of the box door remains high temperature and cause burns; the high-temperature air may trigger a fire alarm and cause malfunction;

3. Avoid turning off and on the refrigeration unit within three minutes;

4. It is forbidden to test explosive, flammable, and highly corrosive substances;

5. If the heating sample is placed in the box, please use an external power supply for the power control of the sample, and do not directly use the power supply of the machine. When putting high-temperature samples for low-temperature tests, pay attention: the time for opening the door should be as short as possible;

6. Before doing low temperature, the studio should be wiped dry and dried for 1 hour at 60°C;

7. When doing the high-temperature test, when the temperature exceeds 55, do not turn on the cooler;

8. Circuit breakers and over-temperature protectors provide the machine's test products and operator's safety protection, so please check regularly;

9. The lighting lamp should be turned off the rest of the time except for turning it on when necessary.


     Master the above tips and use the programmable high and low-temperature test chamber safely~


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